We identify and invest in neighborhoods that encourage interconnectivity and foster diversity.  We believe that housing and real estate development that is well located and community-oriented will generate substantial value for our residents, partners and investors. 

The focus of our investments is not only financial profitability, as traditionally measured via IRR and equity multiple, but also improving the way people live, work and interact.



To provide our partners and investors with superior risk-adjusted returns by investing not just in the assets, but also in the asset’s surrounding community.

Client Commitment

In everything we do, we remain mindful of our core tenet:  the preservation of our investors’ capital. Our success depends on serving our clients (our residents, tenants and clients) and ensuring their interests and expectations are met.

Long Term Focus

We invest in markets, not buildings.  Therefore we look towards the long-term, believing it is always better to make a decision that solidifies our profitability and reputation rather than one that maximizes short-term revenues. 

Local Market Expertise

Real estate is a local business and nobody can be an expert everywhere.  To achieve superior returns, we must identify and align ourselves with local operating partners and community stakeholders.  When pursuing development projects, we work closely with best-in-class local teams who have strong ties to the community, who practice sustainable development, who take pride in their properties, and who, most of all, share our values.

Prudent Risk Management

Our profitability over the long-term depends on prudent investment practices, diversifying capital across product types and geographies, conducting comprehensive due diligence and market research, intelligently structuring transactions, and taking a very active role in the ongoing management of our investments.   The keys to managing risk are found in proactive management and being present. 

Business Integrity

Successful business relationships are built on trust.  And our long-term success is dependent on reputation and integrity.  We will not pursue an opportunity that would require sacrificing our principles.

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